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Flutter Tallinn 🇪🇪

🤓 Are you curious about Flutter or do you already enjoy it to create stunning and powerful apps?

💡 Then come join us at Flutter Tallinn, the #1 national gathering of Flutter friends in Estonia!

Why Join?

Level up your
Flutter Skills

We value community building and experiential learning. For this reason, we host seminars, tutorials, and hackathons where you can pick up new skills, network with other Flutter fans, and collaborate on fantastic Flutter projects

You're invited to join us whether you're completely new to Flutter and programming, a novice, or a seasoned developer!

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Flutter Tallinn
Tallinn, Estonia
Organized byStefano Amorelli
When is the next event?
We meet once every 3 months at least. Join us on Meetup and don't miss the next event
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Partecipate in conversations
Ask questions and get answers from the community!
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Share expertise
Share your experience using Flutter with our community!
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Level up your skills
Partecipate in our workshops, tutorials, hackatons and coding challenges!
Connect with other developers
Connect with fellow Flutter developers and participate in our community!
Find new opportunities
Find new job opportunities or get in touch with companies looking for Flutter developers!
Hear from the experts
Attend our events and meet the best subject-matter experts in the Flutter!

Our Partners & Sponsors

We'd like to thank our sponsors and partners of the Flutter Tallinn community. Your help makes it possible for us to come together, learn, and share ideas.

We constantly aim to make our community even better, so if you want to support us, we'd be happy to have you!